Write Anything

Write anything.

I stare at the blank page, and I tell myself, “Write anything. Go ahead. Do it.”

This is what happens every day, and three and a half years later, here we are. I have written anything more than a thousand times. More than a thousand times, I have dared myself to be bold, or to be bad, or to be brave about saying the things that I wish other people were talking about. I wanted everything to be profound, although that’s definitely not the case. There have been flaws in grammar and chinks in the armor of my thought. My underlying philosophies weren’t always accurate or even sound, but I said it anyways. Not in an effort to be the voice of anything in particular or an authority on anything I talk about, but just to say it. Just to put it out there in the world. Just to participate. I only wanted points for showing up to the Internet every day and taking part in it. Even if I embarrassed myself doing it.

Write anything.

And then I see people who don’t write anything, but they write what they’re supposed to. I see artists who don’t practice every day, and I wonder: can they really be good at what they’re doing if they don’t do it every day? Or at least five times a week. Most people have jobs that they show up for five times a week. If we don’t show up for our craft at least as often as that, then what’s really important in life?

This page is a possibility, and I am the only thing standing between blankness and greatness. I write every day, and then I wonder: how do I become prolific? How do I become someone who writes screenplays and short stories and novels and newspaper articles? How can I do it all? I wish I could say I were working on some great novel, but writing every day is all consuming, especially in this format. Perhaps I was not born into a generation that can properly conceptualize long form artistic pursuits like the novel. Nobody reads them, so write them? I can blog for free, but it takes money to beg people to buy your book.

So, here I am, caught in the in betweens, and I write anything. I sit down every day, and I write anything. Based on the thoughts that I have throughout the day, and hopefully today was interesting enough to procure some dicey or divey pieces on this life of mine. Thanks for reading.