What’s the Sluttiest Thing You’ve Ever Done?

So, as am I wont to do, I was browsing r/sex the other day when I stumbled upon the, “What is the sluttiest thing you have ever done?” thread. It, of course, immediately intrigued me, which is why I found myself jotting down a long list of the slutty things I’ve ever done in my life and trying to rank them in order or sluttiness. This proved to be a fairly dismal yet highly entertaining task, and as I scrolled through the other redditors’ answers, it occurred to me that, yikes, people on the Internet are not very slutty. Perhaps I’m living in a vacuum of sexual affluence, because my version of slutty would be somewhere along the lines of, “Went to a party, sucked 8 dude’s dicks, broke up a marriage, twincest and caught it all on camera.” That’s slutty, right? Because by that standard I would not be considered slutty, and seeing as I don’t consider myself slutty…I guess, if I consider myself to be relatively sexually tame, then the rest of the fuckers on the Internet have been sleep walking their way through sex life, so, step it up, Internet. I need a way to fill my mind with more raunchy, impure, unclean, prurient thoughts, and you simply aren’t cutting it today.

Plz send me ur slut stories so I can be entertained!!