What’s the Point of Promiscuity if You’re Not Even Good in Bed

I once had a girlfriend who confided in me that she never came from sex, and that she had only had an orgasm from oral sex one time. This was shocking news to me when I heard it, mostly because she’s sluttier than me, and has fucked more people than I have, and was pretty proud of her sexual prowess. It was at that point that I asked her, “Why sleep with people if you don’t even orgasm?”
“Well, it feels good,” she replied, which kind of made sense to me in the moment, until, of course, I realized: you know what feels good? Cumming like crazy while you’re fucking someone super hot.
Now, I know that it’s easy to write off a slutty chick who doesn’t cum from sex as someone who is just fundamentally insecure and fucks dudes due to low self esteem, but that’s an oversimplified answer to my question. My question being: if you’re having sex with a lot of people, but you aren’t experiencing the pleasure of touch, and you’re not using your opportunity to connect with other people as a way to better understand how love, sex and human connection work, then why fuck people? Fucking people is so much work, on both an emotional and physical level, that it seems like a really inconvenient, overly laborious method for achieving ego validation. A conquest is a conquest, but aren’t money or power ultimately more fulfilling? Perhaps it’s the empty promise of human connection that makes fucking for the sake of anything other fucking appealing.
Having slept with plenty of sluts, and having gotten the review on many slutty people, I always find it surprising to hear how many slutty people are neither good at the basic sexual technique nor interested in an expression of sexuality beyond day one fucking. People want to be attractive and sexual, but so many slutty people seem disinterested in expanding their conception of sexuality beyond what society tells them is acceptable. What’s the point of slutting it up if you’re not going to push the sexual boundaries. Sure, we all have our comfort zones, but what I’m talking about here is promiscuous people who have no problem sleeping around but for some reason still hold a vast amount of judgments when it comes to outre expressions of sexuality or bizarre sexual acts, such as hooking up with a transgendered person or something as blasé as anal sex. Why be slutty if it’s not about sex? Why fuck all the time if you’re not doing it so that you can get really good at fucking? Why have multiple partners if all you’re doing is basically just masturbating at someone?
Clearly, if someone is sleeping around, then they’re looking for something. However, when that something has absolutely nothing to do with sex, it kind of makes me feel like: hey, you’re making the sluts look bad. Because if you’re going to be a slut, then you’re part of the slutty community, and as a member of the community it’s your job to help make the sluts look good. Help the sluts look sexy. Help the sluts be hot. Don’t make it so that the squares think that sluts just sleep around because they’re emotionally broken (well, some of us are, but there’s more to it than that). If you’re going to sleep around, do it because you love fucking. Or because you’re curious about fucking. Or because you like touching people. Or you want to experience new aspects of your sexuality. Or because you can and it’s fun as fuck. Don’t do it so that you can just increase the amount of bad sex you’re having. Do it because sex is awesome, so why not have as much of it as you possibly can? If you’re doing it for anything other than that, may I suggest seeing a therapist at some point in your life.