Trickle Down Voyeurism

It has come to my attention that the people who read this blog are FUCKING WEIRD. I already knew that, but apparently my readership includes at least one parent of one person I have graphically described fucking within this blog. Hearing stuff like that wigs me out. What kind of father-son activity is that? Sure, my mom knows about this blog, but she actively does not read it, even though, at times, content from this blog peppers into our daily conversations. I guess mostly I’m concerned because if his parent is reading this blog, is it because the parent is thinking about his child fucking someone, or is it because the parent is thinking about fucking me? I feel like this is, in every way, a fairly trite sexual fantasy for me to roll with, but, fuck it. Now we’re all thinking about the parent of the dude I fucked reading about me fucking the son, and what are we going to do with that sexual image now? Also, some dude’s dad is also reading about me fucking people other than the son, too, so there’s that part of it!

Eh, I can masturbate to that.