The Oakland Social Gazette, Miguel’s Birthday 1/26

Huff and puff all the way on my bicycle from Downtown Berkeley to Downtown Oakland, which is pretty far, but at least it’s down hill. Slump down a little bit late amidst a pool of Miguel Reyes Family – mother, sister, brother in law, nieces – and other friends. 

Miracle of miracles, Dava, yes, Dava, YES, DAVA!!!!! Showed up with the lovely little Miss Etta, who is all of five months old. Sitting in Golden Lotus eating vegan food and playing with babies, making birthday merriments before jetting off to The Night Light, which, on this Saturday night, was wonderfully staffed by the newly (and resplendently) single Lucy and perennial Fuck Feast favorite Arianna. Billy (of the cousin variety) showed up, in true form, as was Roland, flanked by his brother and other friends who were probably of a familial connection. Nick and Indigo, your typical Saturday night life of the party-ers, also showed up, bringing ample amounts of booty shaking and drug taking. Danny, Jessica P, Josh[ua Christian Chevanne, if that’s how you know him], Adriana, Colby and more also showed up, satiating themselves with the sonic reproductions of Joe Quixx, always throwing down the songs we want to hear – artistically and thoughtfully.

It was so good to party with you all!