The Love of a Woman

I see something beautiful in you. Even when no one else is looking. When the shades are drawn and everything is dark, and even with my eyes closed: I see something sparkling inside you. It’s sitting there, glittering, still after all this time. Even after being buried beneath everything, surrounded by bad memories, walled in by every reaction to every instance of pain. We are lying here, naked, breathing in the same air, and I can smell it on your breath. I can feel it in your heart beat, which I can hear with my ear against your chest. It exists as a whisper inside you, and I am here to tell you that everything is going to be okay. I am here to tell you that, indeed, there is something beautiful inside you. That I have looked past everything ugly and unsightly and unbearable about you and everything you have been through in this entire life, and despite all of that, I still see the beauty inside you. I can still see the best you, waiting to come out, and I am here to take your hand and let the best you shine. And it is okay to be afraid, because I am afraid, too. I am afraid to let you be better than what you already are because everything that we have right now, and the people we are right now – that’s comfortable. Those are the things that I know already. But us in the face of change? I do not want to lose the you I have right now to the better you that exists in the future, so all I can do is lie here, next to you. All I can do is see the beautiful you, and this is me asking you to see the beauty in me, too, so we can be beautiful together, in the future, in some other naked embrace. Tomorrow. And next week. And for weeks to come after that, too, more beautiful today than the day before. I see that in you, and do you see it in me, too? Or are we doomed, yet again, to be beautiful and bristling alone and in silence, surrounded by the same coldness that feels comfortable, but we do not have to be cold for much longer.