The Fear of Physical Imperfection

Stand naked in front of the mirror and judge, judge, judge. A body is such a complex organism, and there are so many parts of it that can be riddled with flaws. First and most importantly is the skin. Do you like the color of the skin? Hopefully you haven’t consciously noticed this, but you have been trained to want the palest shade of white on your skin. It’s an aesthetic opportunity that confers privilege and preference to those who are lucky enough to have it. Secondly, you should exam your skin for any scars, bumps, or blemishes. Your face, foremost, should be pristine, and the rest of your body should be smooth and shining like bathing suit models. 

On top of your skin, there should be no unslightly hair. This is true for everything underneath your eyebrows. Legs, pussy, arms, back and upper lip should all be devoid of any hair, and it is your job to submit yourself to any method necessary to remove it: depilatories, razors, wax, laser removal. Whatever it takes, because the sight of hair connotes masculinity. And to a man, masculinity is not an attractive quality in a woman. Why fuck a girl when he can just fuck a man instead? Make yourself worthy.

Next is your physique. Are there small pockets of fat poking out on the side of your hips? Do the bottoms of your arms droop and drip with fat when raised overhead? Are your cheeks just a little too plump? When sitting down, do your thighs span an unreasonable amount of space? It is important to be constantly vigilant when it comes to your body weight. This includes dieting, exercising and other forms of abstinence in order to maintain a moderate amount of calorie intake. Let your guard down for even a moment, and unwanted pockets of fat will spring up out of nowhere. 

There are certain aspects of your physique that you can do little to deal with. If you are too short, if your tits and ass are too small, if your shoulders are too broad, if your waist does not pinch in a visually pleasing way, there is little you can do apart from surgery in order to cure these ailments. However, a keen eye for sartorial adornment can help accentuate your assets and downplay your flaws. Push up bras, girdles, high heel shoes, adapted necklines, changing hemlines – these are all aspects of fashion that you can submit yourself to in order to improve your physical imperfections.

Apart from dressing to hide the unpleasing parts of your body, you should also be sure to use make up to hide parts of your face that might need a bit of improvement. You can dye your hair to a better color. You can cut it to a better length. Applying lipstick will make your lips appear more plump and kissable. Face powder will make your skin glow. Manicures will make your hands more sightly. Jewelry will make you more elegant. Nicer shampoo will make your glisten. Eye liner and mascara will make your eyes prettier. Lotion will make your skin softer

Remember, it is important that you hold yourself to this standard of beauty, because if you do not it will become extremely hard for us to sell you all these bullshit beauty products and make millions from exploiting your insecurities, and heaven know we don’t want to be poor like you.