fuck off, white feminists.

this lil party in rockridge (haha, yeah i know) the other night & all these dudes talking bout how much they love ‘girls’ and how lena dunham rocks & i dont watch the show, never have, & only know what tumblr tells me, which is she’s awful for lotsa the reasons that are basically the same reasons so-called contemporary white feminism gets called out for i.e. this fucked up shit above. ugh, ppl suck. 

To me, this bitch is all about the White Hollywood Conspiracy. They took some random ass white bitch, gave her a show on which to idolize white culture, and then all of the Hollywood Media Machine came together to try to convince people that the show is a.) good b.) not racist c.) worth even talking about. At first I didn’t understand why people were talking about this shit show much, but then I realized it was a way for white culture to self perpetuate via popular media.

Here’s the proof in the pudding, a quote from the New Yorker (Feb 11 & 18th)

To me, the whiteness of “Girls” is realistic, although the show is slyer and clearer about class than race.


Look at that bitch, she’s so dumb. She’s nobody, except that she’s 2013’s #1 spokeswoman for whiteness. I hope a bunch of angry Latinas beat her up at party.