So You Wanna Be on My Blog

I think it must be some sort of male ego thing, because, just so we’re clear, this isn’t one of those tell all blogs where I write up every dude that I fuck. I’m a little too paranoid for that, and, also, I don’t even write up every dude I fuck and the dudes I fuck still flip out whenever they read this blog, so, there’s that. So, you’re probably wondering, what do you have to do get mentioned on this blog?

Well, if you want to be mentioned by name, you have to be one of my best friends, e.g. Miguel, Arianna, Mario, etc. I’m not about to air someone’s dirty laundry on the Internet, and I also realize that some of the disgusting things that my friends say in confidence can be recounted on the Internet but may not necessarily need a name tacked onto them. I do, occasionally, use Fuck Feast as a platform for spite, so, I guess if you wrong me you have a decent chance of getting mentioned sans name on here. Otherwise, if you have a unique sexual perspective that you want to present to me – and by unique, I mean that you’ve got to offer me something pretty fucking depraved and out there, because plain old gross and nasty are in the “been there, done that” category by now. My friends are strippers and dominatrixes and prostitutes – my stomach lining is made of iron. Choking? Done. Physical abuse? Check. Water sports? Tried that. Sex in public? Commonplace. Hat tricks? Old news. Cousins? Yawn. 

So if you wanna get on my blog, and/or that is just an unsubtle way of letting me know that you wanna fuck, a few suggestions: I’m currently into sexual psychology, and by sexual psychology I guess I mean that I’m mostly interested in mind games of every ilk. Be a worthy opponent, and let’s see where that gets you. Also, if a dude were to take me on a first date to a strip club (preferably one where my friends work), reveal his entire sexual history to me, and then, oh, I don’t know, see where things go from there – that would be interesting. That would be really, really interesting to me. 

However, we don’t even have to fuck in order to get you on my blog. All it really takes is one interesting conversation wherein you present a uniue perspective on human sexuality, and, if my interest is piqued, if you touch on a point I’ve never thought of before, if you challenge my fundamental believes about human sexuality in an intelligent way – well, then, that might land you a blog post. 

Best of luck to you!