Sexual Anecdote

We went back to his house and had sex, which is pretty obvious at this point. We do that from time to time. I let him cum on face, which is always fun Naked as I ask for something to wipe my face off with, and he tosses me some sweater from the ground. 

I don’t know what other people’s post-fornication rituals are, but I generally like to feel out the situation by letting the post climactic moments waft by in silence, followed by a smidge of inane banter, going to the the bathroom to suss my hair, then sitting back down on the bed while trying to assess whether I should a. lie down and cuddle b. put the rest of my clothes on and leave or c. kick it for a second. But this was a little different.

As I was blinking the jizz out of my eyes, he went to go make tea, which was nice. I enjoy tea. He goes to his computer and puts on some music.

Some very new agey, electric keyboard, hippie bullshit. He comes back to bed, lies down and shuts his eyes. Holding his tea in his lap and looking all serene while I, perched up and curious, drinking my tea, try to better assess what the fuck is going on here. 

“Delta waves, eh? Are you meditating?” ~me

“Yeah, I really like this music.” ~him

“Yeah, this is some, um, very avant garde, hip shit you’re listening to right here. How the fuck did you find this? This shit is even way too good for Pitchfork – where in the dregs of the Internet did you find this??”

“Pilar. I’m meditating. I’m being serious, here, enough of your sarcasm.”

“Oh, really? You’re meditating? Am I talking too much? Am I disrupting the Delta waves? Are they becoming Epsilon waves or something?”

“Can you please be quiet?”

Wait, what? I seriously just fucked this dude and let him come on my face and then he made me tea and tells me to shut up while he’s meditating? Ugh. For all I know, the next time I see him he’s going to be trying to talk to me, wearing flip flops and going on about how shoes make him feel like his feet are in jail, and flip flops are the true way to fully let his feet experience life. Fuck that shit.