Sex in 2017

Part of me is bummed that these sweeping allegations didn’t come out three years ago. Or five years ago. Back when I was really invested in talking about people in the local scene who had committed similar, atrocious acts, and back before I was fully integrated into a lifestyle that isn’t compatible with the amount of time and energy it takes to orchestrate these kinds of accusations and take downs.

Having been involved in (or at least witness to) several guerrilla Internet take downs, it’s both impressive and comforting to see this mindset rise up to the levels of Hollywood bigwigs. Locally, we have always had out networks, and it’s heartwarming to think that these networks of women have formed up to the highest level in order to insulate ourselves from attack and danger.

While 2017 has certainly been a disturbing year, part of me hopes that these new revelations surrounding the toxic culture of masculinity in industries across the board is a sign that things are changing. As meninist, incel, alt-right platforms continue to push against the mainstream, I’d like to think that their voices are just the death rattle of something that has, for a long time, been utterly passe: the patriarchal, capitalist, white system in which we live.

We are in the moment of the hard fight right now. It only makes sense that they wouldn’t back down without a fight, and neither will we. This is a bloody battle, and the iconography of that culture is wearing thin; movie producers, comedians, star celebrities, even into the inner reachings of our political system – we see that the power heads of that system are starting to fail. They are being humiliated in the town square (by their own actions) and stripped of their power by the people. We may even see the destruction of the concept of “American presidency” within our lifetime. But who knows. One step at a time.

One thing’s for sure: this fight is fucking brutal, and it is changing us. Focusing on the battle has prepared us for war, and the idea of beauty is falling to the wayside. To be an artist in this era is to express anger, to rue convention, to find comfort in the strange. But I remember what things used to be like, when I was young and unaware. I will not let this evil make me ugly. There is beauty in this fight, and splendor in victory.

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