Santa Rosa of Lima is No Longer a Saint

Beauty is rated exactly as it should be: neither overly nor underly. It is an asset, a tool, a weapon, a machination of violence and murder, and it should be used accordingly. Anyone who would do the world the disservice of shuttering it, or hiding it, or making it hard to see, either by willfully refusing to enhance it or wantonly refusing to show it to the world is a sinner. And a grave sinner at that.

Beauty is noble. Replace virtuosity with vanity, and then replace vanity with vulgarity, and a certain state of enlightenment will soon thereafter be attained. They will tell you to button up your shirt, and vilify you as the temptation of man, but that is a fallacy. There is no amount of beauty, nor any lack of beauty, that will change the fact that a man will look at you with lust in his eyes. Your aesthetic presentation will not stave off thoughts of ravishment and copulation, but rather help navigate his pursuit of the inevitable ending, and all stories end between legs. The shortness of your skirt will never present a barrier, but a rather an assignation of time commitment to the inevitable ending.

Be desired, and if you are not desired you are missing one of the most honest facets of life. Desire, and if you do not desire then you are poking your own holes in your heart and refusing to let them fill. Saintliness does not come from self denial, but, rather, from a full and deep understanding of every human emotion to pass through any heart, and the ability to dance through the realm of darkness and come out the other side just as beautiful as before. 

Fuck like you mean it and like you want all the pleasure in the world to be yours, and it will be. It will all be yours. Feel every inch of skin, and you will be handsomely rewarded. Share yourself with all of the world, so that the world may be yours. 

A selfish woman will only be rewarded with her own selfishness.