Sal Si Puedes

I know that the majority of my content is geared towards promoting a lifestyle filled with sex, booze, and drugs, but I would like to interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast of indulgence to remind you: this lifestyle isn’t very healthy or fulfilling, and quitting any of those activities is probably in your best interest. Sure, we’re all young, having fun, but I’ve watched enough people get side swiped by their previously benign addictions, winding up either in a pit of sobriety or spinning and strung out. I live this life so you don’t have to. Instead, you get to sit on the sidelines and watch. So, for all you young ladies out there, just remember: sure, you don’t want to be a corporate rat race drone, but do you really want to be this at all? And for all my friends trying to get clean: I see you, and I support you. Not all of us are that strong, but you are, so get out while you can.