Running Game: The Use of Sexual Rejection in a Medium Con

I’ve been running this new kind of game lately that’s based on sexual rejection. Finding a guy that I think is attractive, engaging him socially and inviting sexual advances while at the same time shutting him down completely. This kind of game is based on the idea that if you can’t have it, you want it even more. And rather than using another man to seem emotionally unavailable – because that kind of sexual rejection induces jealousy, and I’m trying to abstain from inducing jealousy in my suitors – pure, unadulterated sexual rejection is what I’m going for. It produces a sensation of insecurity in my suitors, a sensation that can be played into by stringing them along. And even though my end goal is, as usual, to fuck, not revealing my intentions, and, in fact, feigning disinterest, sets up my control within the situation as my suitor devises way to seduce me and attain my attention. When I decide to finally relent to his advances, with the sanctimonious tone of, “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” his shock and delight only add to the emotional excitement of the situation. It’s a medium-length con, and after you’ve fucked him, if the sex wasn’t that good, it’s easy to brush it off and attribute it to one time kind of thing, but we were friends before, and we can be friends again, right? If it the sex is great, then the emotional push and pull enables pursuing some type of relationship, be it romantic or casual. At the end of the day, if you’ve chosen them right, then the likelihood that he was trying to long con his way into your panties for a one night stand is pretty slim, although I’ve definitely done that before, and after we fuck I drop him completely as a friend. However, I’ve found that most people out there in the world don’t have such insidious intentions, and my level of duplicity is pretty unparalleled, so, I guess I’m my own best teacher.