Running Game: Lazy Game

Most of the time, as a woman, I run my game in a pretty straightforward manner. By existing in a bar at night and unattached, I open myself up to the possibility of finding a sexual partner that night. You see, most men have terrible game, and all it really takes to trick one of them into a night of sexual exploration is a wink, a nod and a willingness to go back to your place. Most men are going to overthink seduction so much that they wind up shooting themselves in the foot with some artless moves, and the rest of the men out there are underthinking seduction, which basically means that they don’t know how to express sexual urges whatsoever. So, if you’re using lazy game, all you have to do is find out to which camp your mark belongs. If he’s overthinking his game, all you have to do is let him dump his shitty game all over you, and then pretend it’s working. Of course, it’s not really working, but so long as he doesn’t make too much backwards progress, all you have to do is sit there and take it until you want to take him home. If he’s underthinking the game, all it takes is one dose of heavy flirtation to ascertain his attentions and his relationship status before laying down a line like, “You’re cute” to get him to start spitting game at you. However, let it be known, once in a while you’ll meet someone who actually has game, and it’s at that point you should be wary, because game recognize game, so that’s when you have to step it up a bit.