Running Game: Boys vs Girls

If you look out into the world (which, yes, I know, looking out into the world sucks because it’s a pretty shitty place out there, but, just bear with me), you’ll find that there are ample books, and websites, and seminars, and other materials for men to learn how to seduce women. But for us girls? Well, it’s saying something that we don’t have to learn the sport of seduction in order to get laid. Maybe it’s a women’s world out here, but being a woman is a pretty sweet deal (all glass ceiling feminism aside). There’s something to be said for the woman’s intuitive ability to seduce a man. It doesn’t take much, really, and seeing as God made us the fairer sex, it only makes sense that we utilize all our natural talents to the best of our abilities. The woman’s natural talent for seduction is one that some say could be attributed to the biological urge to make babies, but, in the modern era, that urge can be extrapolated into the desire to fuck, seeing as the dominance of the human race on this planet isn’t directly tied to every woman’s need to procreate anymore. Because, surely, when a woman has a difficult time finding a sexual partner, it’s not because there is a lack of men who are willing to sleep with her. It’s because she is not interested in the men who are willing to sleep with her, and this is a thing commonly known as “having standards.” There’s a reason why we live in a culture where men pay for sex, but there is no popular female equivalent to that male behavior. Often times, in order to get laid, all it takes is tapping into the natural feminine instinct of sexuality, and therein lies the threat of female sexuality to men. This is why men feel the need to tamp down on and control female sexuality: its unbridled beauty is a threat to the male ego and his inability to run game in a similarly successful fashion. Because if a woman is dissatisfied with her sexual partner, it is her success at finding other sexual partners that threatens the man. Because men are not investing enough time in finding ways to truly satisfy, love and fulfill their sexual partners, they must resort to the age old, if incredibly tacky, tactic of suppressing the female feminine urge and painting her ability to seduce men as a negative quality. Hence, the proliferation of the word “whore,” “slut,” “home wrecker,” “bitch,” etc… This male approach to female sexuality is something that a woman must consider when running game on men, because it is the female threat to the male ego with the use sexuality that makes us so powerful. But any woman who is a true feminist knows that threatening a man’s sense of power in the world, the male’s sense of superiority to women – challenging that is par for the course, and any woman who is afraid to stand up to a man, especially in a sexual sense…that’s not feminism, that’s reinforcing the patriarchal social system, and that’s no fun. How are you going to get laid if you don’t fuck with the male ego, at least just a little bit?