Welp, I just checked Art Faccia, a blog I used to write for, and it just straight up doesn’t exist anymore. Sad face. That blog gave me the courage to start pushing out some of my racy, edgy, disgusting content…you know, the things that I would write and file away under “No one will ever read this ever because if they do they’ll know I’m an unethical slut who has disgusting rape fantasies and then I’ll have no friends and my life will be over.” One day, in the midst of a manic episode that was bringing me face first to the crotches of multiple boys across town, I came home at 6pm and in a frenzy penned an article that is saved in my computer as “The boys I have slept with in Oakland.” I made a rash decision and decided to leave no mercy in the title, so I changed it to, “Boys I have fucked in Oakland,” sent it to my editor to see what she thought about it, and added a note along the lines of, “I don’t think I want to publish it, but it’s funny, right?” She told me I should publish it, but I still felt too paranoid to go through with it. 

Then, on my birthday, I woke up, opened Facebook, and much to my horror, there it was…Boys I have fucked in Oakland. On the Internet. On my birthday. 

It turned out to be one of the best birthday presents I ever received, and even as boys I had fucked in Oakland told me in a very sideways, whispered manner that they were so relieved it wasn’t just a list, and then everybody else told me rather directly that they were disappointed it wasn’t a list (actually still considering doing that, btw), well, it’s not that bad. 

Point of the story being, I’m very sad that Art Faccia is no longer with us, so, I will be reposting some of the shit that I put up there. Because love!