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Anemal nee Smoky passed away today.

It’s super fucking sad to see someone who was a big part of the graffiti and arts community in Oakland pass away. He was a phenomenal artist, incredibly talented and had ups all over town. We all had so much respect for him as an artist, not just because he was so good at what he did but because he was also so¬†¬†humble and charismatic. He’s a fucking legend in Oakland. Driving around town, seeing his pieces always made me smile because he was one of those dudes that was always fucking killing it. Everyone out here knew him and loved him; he was always at parties, fun to be around, a blast to drink with. He had ‘kill cops’ tattooed on his legs! What’s cooler than that? Smokey seemed indestructible, especially given all the crazy shit he would do when out piecing. His death is a fucking tragedy, and it’s affecting pretty much everyone I know. This is a huge loss because he contributed so much as an artist and as a friend.

People are gathering at the library steps tonight to commemorate his life. Bring candles.