Practice Makes Perfect

Sex, like all things, is a skill that you must hone. Sure, some people are born with the natural ability to excel at fucking, but, for the rest of us, getting good at sex requires practice. It requires putting effort in. It requires clocking in hours, it requires research, and it requires a willingness to expand one’s horizons. To push beyond the realms of comfort and into the uncharted and the unknown. To redefine your personal definition of pleasure and reward. Throw a bit of pain in the mix. And it’s not just a physical skill – you have to get good at the psychological stuff, too, aka the game. Without which you have a good one night stand, but if you get champion the head games of carnal knowledge, then you’ve got yourself a good long con relationship. 

Not to say that you have to fuck a lot of people in order to be good at sex, but they don’t call it “being experienced” for nothing.