Power Sluts in Power Suits

Over the years, I’ve gotten a lot of guff for having a sex blog. People don’t like that I sleep (slept) around, and people are offended that I write about it. Boy, do I have news for you!

Running a sex blog was a great way to hone a skill set that is proving to be very useful in today’s capitalist economy. I have recently started a new career, and – let me tell you! The ability to maintain and grow multiple relationships simultaneously and the ability to keep detailed notes on those relationships are both serving me quite well in my newfound line of work. So: in your face!

Let’s delve even further into the benefits of this skill set. As a young woman, I was sexually voracious and curious, and with that came the desire to know everyone and see everything. In the professional world, the desire to move beyond the known and into uncharted territory is highly prized. Likewise, my ability to field multiple lovers at once while simultaneously being able to handle rejection gracefully is also coming in handy. I understand how consent in relationships work, and I understand the art of seduction. This means that I’m not pressuring people into doing (or buying) something they don’t really want, and I know how to read people and cater to their inner desires. This is a great thing to know in the business world.

Which makes me wonder: why don’t sluts rule the world? Femmes, especially, with their penchant for altruism and generous nature, are well equipped to foster meaningful relationships not just in a familial or sexual sense, but also in a business sense. The ability to juggle multiple emotional scenarios, to please multiple people at once, to communicate desires and build relationships based on trust – the power to balance all of that is incredibly valuable.

Additionally, the ability to be able to track and measure all those relationships, the ability to monitor and evaluate them, the ability to give structured, written feedback on relationships – those abilities, too, add to one’s value in the business world.

Oh, I get it. This is why the world is afraid of us. This is why the world tells us that we’re bad for being sluts and we can’t enter the workforce. Because we’ll just take that shit over immediately.

Well, joke’s on you. We are taking it over.