Pilar Versus Hitachi Wand

klimt hitachiOkay, so I’ll be honest. At first, I wasn’t too impressed by the Hitachi Wand. As an aficionado of masturbation, and as someone who masturbates pretty frequently, I was excited to get a Hitachi Wand. I had heard so much about it, and I have seen plenty of pornos in which it seems to work this wonderful magic power. But, when I first tried it, it was too much. I had used vibrators before and was a fan of the rabbit dildo, but the force of the Hitachi Wand was thoroughly overwhelming. I would even go so far as to say that it caused premature ejaculation, namely in that it made me cum really fast and really uneventfully.

I realize now that my body was not prepared for the force and stimulation of the Hitachi Wand. Which explains the premature ejaculation. Although I didn’t really like the Hitachi Wand at first, I decided to stick with it. Mostly because it was an efficient way to masturbate. Sometimes my hands get tired, and the extra help makes masturbation just that much easier. As I continued to use the Hitachi Wand, I was able to acclimate my body to the pressure and force of the Hitachi Wand. It became less overwhelming and I was able to better control my reaction to the sensations that the Hitachi Wand produced.

This was not necessarily a good thing.

In my journey of sexuality, the Hitachi Wand has been an interesting event. I would definitely say that it has changed the course of my sexuality in some small way, mostly because when your clitoris becomes accustomed to and expectant of that level of stimulation, it alters one’s ability to receive pleasure from ordinary activities like classic manual stimulation or oral sex. This was…disappointing. All of a sudden, after reaching the point when I was using the Hitachi Wand 3-4 times a day to masturbate, I reached a sexual saturation point. The sexual intercourse that I was having with other people suddenly became lackluster in the absence of the Hitachi Wand. Oral sex, something that easily gets me off, was not as interesting. Regular intercourse only became exciting with the Hitachi Wand.

They say that there is no scientific evidence for sexual addiction, but really it’s just a misnomer. There is a certain psychology behind compulsive sexuality, and even if it doesn’t follow the same neurological patterns as drug addiction, the compulsive behavior manifests in similar behaviors. This is why, after six months, I had to quit my Hitachi Wand cold turkey. I just couldn’t do it anymore. After trying to get off the old fashioned way, with just my hands, and failing to the point of awful hand and arm cramps, I realized: the experience of the Hitachi Wand had changed my experience of sexuality. And I didn’t want it to be permanent, so I put it away. I couldn’t use it anymore. I couldn’t even masturbate for two weeks, mostly because it was pointless and depressing.

Nowadays, I only use the Hitachi Wand for special sexual occasions, and I most definitely do not use it for masturbating. The Hitachi Wand creates an impossible standard for orgasm that no real human can live up to, much in the same way that a nine inch dick changes one’s sex life forever. It’s hard to go back, but, hey, after enough time and training, you can get it back without the fetish objects. Although, you can’t be on the fetish objects for too long lest your body make permanent changes in needs for sexual stimulation.

In conclusion, yeah, the Hitachi Wand is great, but don’t be a jackass like me and start using it upwards of three times a day in order to masturbate because you’ll start to notice that sex with real humans becomes increasingly lackluster. Buyer beware.