Sometimes I forget that people have feelings and that they process them differently than I do. That’s the only way that I can understand why people that I have fucked years ago still hang onto their bitter, hurt feelings after all this time. It’s remarkable to watch it, really. To know that someone I fucked years ago is still talking shit about me. I wonder if hanging onto this kind of bitterness and obsession makes them feel good about themselves and if it makes their lives fulfilling and wonderful to live. I can’t imagine that it does, but how else can we explain why they would be weird towards me after all this time? That’s the thing about fucking: people really let their emotions get involved. And then they let their emotions get away from them. Which is why, years later, a vendetta against me and my actions seems logical to them. It doesn’t seem logical to me, mostly because I don’t give a shit about what my former lovers do. I really don’t care about them at all or think of them ever, unless, of course, they’re begging me to pay attention to them by talking shit on me or harassing me at bars. I imagine that it must be really embarrassing to know that you’re investing a lot of energy into being obsessed with me as opposed to, you know, doing something meaningful with your life like finding a cure for cancer or helping starving children. It must suck to be the person that has to put all that energy into trying to hurt me over some bruised ego bullshit that happened years ago just to watch me not give a fuck about you and what you’re doing. Because that’s the thing: sure, break ups suck and everything. Not being with someone that you want sucks. Feeling like you’re at a net loss when a relationship ends sucks. But we get over this. We move on. I move on. I really, really move on. People come and go in my life, but the ones that stay are the ones that matter. Coming at me or talking shit on me isn’t going to get you back into my life, so maybe assessing how you invest your energy into people is a good decision at this point. Investing negative energy into people is a waste of time. And, as with every person I used to sleep with that is for some reason sad or angry about what happened, all I really have to say is: hey, I’m sorry you feel that way, but I hope that you find the strength to be released from your obsession with me because it will make your life much, much easier and better.

Thanks for thinking of me.