New Year’s Destitution

I am a master of my own sexuality, and of other people’s, too. This isn’t something that bodes well for me, mostly because most people are perfectly content with ignorance of their own orgasms and gonads and touchy feely sensations. It must be easier that way, to not fully know pleasure, and to not fully know that we are not experiencing pleasure right now. That this is merely an aping of things that feel good, like we have seen them do on the TV. Like making the same noises and thrusting the same way will produce the same cinematic effects under soft lighting of the bursting forth of some sensations that look so cool on silver screens. Because where did we learn to fuck like this, and who taught us that this is okay? No one, really, mostly because we keep lips locked when it comes to matters below the belt, and anyone who dares say anything to anyone else about “hey, sex would be better if you did this” is automatically a lecher and a pervert. I mean, I guess I’m a lecher and a pervert, and it’s easy to chastise people who let their lust go unchecked. Luckily for me, I like being chastised, but I have to wonder if everyone else likes having missionary position sex all day, every day, although not that frequently, more like once a week tops.

Which leads to the topic at hand: is your New Year’s Resolution to be better in bed? Mine is. New Year’s Resolution 2015 was to have more group sex, and I have to admit that unlike years 1987-2014, I actually managed to keep my New Year’s Resolution in 2015. This feels like quite a feat, and I’m very excited for New Year’s Resolution 2016, which is attend more sex parties. I’ve attended sex parties in the past, but always as a spectator. The goal in 2016 is to attend sex parties and participate. What will you be doing in 2016 to have better sex?