My New Self Imposed Ban for Bringing New Dates to The Ruby Room

Nowadays, every time I go to the Ruby Room (when it’s not Friday night) I feel like it’s just teeming with people I’ve already fucked. Which makes it incredibly boring for me, because, meh, been there, done that. On the off chance that I’m there with some new dude I’m trying to bang, the ceaseless parade of greetings from acquaintances that I’ve already hooked up with becomes a little painful after the 3rd or 4th person. Like, really, do we all just hang out here now? Is that how it is? Ugh, fine.

I managed to drag some random to Ruby Room a couple weeks ago, and as we were sitting at the bar, chugging down shots that he so considerately bought for me, I could tell that with every new dude-I’ve-already-fucked that came up to me to say hi, there was this slight glimmer of, “Oh, it’s that girl Pilar, oh, she’s sitting next to some dude who’s buying her drinks, oh, he’s her sucker for tonight, not me, oh, I guess I better move on and good for her.” To which I returned a thoughtful, “Yes, you know it’s true” kinda look. Whatever, we all get it in all the time so who the fuck cares anyways.