Mostly Forgotten 90’s Movies to Keep You Company During the Holidays

Okay, so, yes! It is the holiday season, therefore cue the internal dialog filled with sanctimonious depression and the slight reminder that, yet again, it is the time of year to spend with your loved ones, yet, what is this? You have no loved ones? Still single and alone for the holidays? Wishing that someone would say something nice to you? Well, since I can’t really do anything personally to assuage this sense of dread, I have compiled a short list of movies to watch on Netflix that will reinstate a small bit of hope in your hardened over heart, and also you will be able to pass through one or two hours of not remembering how deadeningly alone you are.

Sidewalks of New York A classically 90’s analysis of hopeless romance, mostly good because Brittany Murphy is in it, and don’t we all miss her? Also, Rosario Dawson looks fly as fuck, and watching those two babes struggle through shitty relationships will probably make you feel better about yourself, because, hey, you’re not nearly as hot as those girls, but you’re still doing okay, right?

Wishful Thinking Drew Barrymore shines as that archetypal 90’s manic pixie dream girl whose character is devoid of all whispers of Zoey Deschanel. Small vignettes follow four characters on a tract of intertangled romance that is tinged with an unrealistic yet hope inspiring optimism.

ExistenZ This one’s good mostly because it’s weird in a B-movie, sci-fi kind of way, yet it encapsulates a lot of modern themes while harkening back to 90’s aesthetics and also Jennifer Jason Leigh looks pretty fucking good. The premise of the movie is that they’re field testing a new video game that plugs into your brain, so that’s cool.

The House of Yes If you feel like your family is fucked up during the holidays, check out Parker Posey as a totally neurotic, Little Edie-esque piece of work in this coming home for the holidays pic.

Committed If you want a romantic movie that will leave with no sense of overarching resolve, then Committed is the perfect Heather Graham vehicle for making sure that you quash any sense of hope for the holidays with a sympathetic 90’s movie about a quirky club owner who chases her wayward husband across the country.

Okay, that should keep you occupied for a day. Happy Holidays, or not.