Endless Canvas (re: Special Delivery 2012)

as the trains’ warning bellowed

into the warehouse, rousing

limb and ear, it raised em high

to the ceiling, turned back transfixing: 

this shit’s history. fuckin no way we’re rollin outtuh here obedient tonight.

     paint sprayin say-ers droppin smut like they famous

     smacked police wieldin like we all can’t take em 

     vacancies erect us, we attract emptiness

     blow it up to pieces, these walls are what make us

     there’s teenies taggin for practice

     filled bottles laggin— so slam it

     ya dolled up & hammin like

     this whitefolk rappin

     seein drunkies stumblies

     makin wishes like they on they knees

     drugged up face up, now you gotta pee

there’s nowhere else to shoulda/woulda be 

everything’s taken, everything belongs 

     cut glass/corners, no one’s been wronged

     somehow we made home like we each Ma and Pa

     like broken hearts are only lyrics in a song

     ya seen em before and ya see em now

     ya generation west coast strugglin crowd

     fancy and silly, genius fills floor to roof

     outside over there— ya we’re here too

     people droop-sloop-slink

     against bodies fresh meat

     feasted eyes on the v, hands on a d hangin over fest

it’s a teased fuck please!—

     i push 9 mile revolutions, each leg like crack

     ya never seen mothuhfuckuhs dressed like that 

     holdin our cunts like ‘dj trytuh bump this’

     a lady-like version of ‘hey suck my dick’ 

     cuz our worlds vulgar and violent 

     what’s expected of us isn’t true

     our limbs and larynx only run on ‘fuck you’

     ’i do what i want’

     ’i just dont care’

     our made art proves those lies so fair

     we party, revel, based, trunked and loot

crash sleep wake up:

there’s endless canvas for you

^^^i like this because i feel it’s true to my experience. i totally dj’d that party and totally had sex at that party, so mission accomplished.