Long Con Relationship

And then sometimes these intermittent bursts of wanton sexuality should be punctuated by a long term master manipulation plan wherein I rope some unsuspecting male into an undisclosed but definitely longer than six months period of time so that I can unleash a slow moving, quietly developing scenario of mutual destruction, chronic fucking and codependency. Because walking into the bar and fucking anyone I want gets boring after the 50th time. But tricking someone into fucking me time and time again over the course of two years seems like it could be pretty fun.

Although I am concerned that it will get boring. And by it, I mean the sex, because there’s nothing boring about waiting through a two year period to see who can win a long, drawn out game of mental stamina and emotional distance also known as, how many times can we fuck before you start to feel emotions? I think I could go two years. So long as the sex doesn’t get boring. I’m definitely willing to invest two years of my time into ruining someone else’s life, just for sport. Grabbing someone else and dragging them into an unending spiral of neediness, manipulation, psychosis, addiction and insecurity. Just for fun. Just to see if I can come out the other side alive. Kinda like trying heroin, except this time another human being will be the drug that I slowly cook down and then shove up into my guts. 

Can I be sadistic and unrelenting for two years straight? Four years? Twelve years? Possibly for the rest of my life forever? I know I have it in me.