Let’s Put Another Knife to the Throat of Chivalry, Please

People say chivalry is dead but what is chivalry anyways? Chivalry is men’s consolation prize for women who don’t have access to male privilege, and the reason that chivalry is dead is because men decided to kill it. Sure they can blame the feminists for that, which in some way is true, but the reason men killed chivalry was because as soon as we asked for equality and power, they took away our consolation prize as a punishment. Honestly, I’m not super interested in getting it┬áback mostly because that would come at the price of sacrificing my personal pursuit of gender equality. Equality is a lot more tantalizing than having a man hold a door open for me. Of course, there is something to be said for common courtesy but if it necessarily falls in gender lines and with that power dynamic in mind, then nah I’m cool. Doors really aren’t that heavy and I’m a strong woman.