How to Instill Fear in the Hearts of Men

Because to fear me is to love me, and I definitely want to be loved.

A woman is not a meek and mild creature. Anyone woman who plays up her own fragility only to have her own fragility be the end of the conversation is playing the game wrong. Likewise, a woman who foresakes her femininity for the sake of wanting to appear strong has misread the meaning of strength: femininity is not equated to weakness. A woman can be weak, but in femininity there is strength, and anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to con you out of something. Because it takes true cunning and bravery to take femininity – something that has been equated with weakness and fragility – and turn it into an asset. A weapon. A strength. 

Much in the same way that men say to each other, “Be a man!” I say to you, “Be a woman!” And that charge carries with it the same weight and responsibility of being a man, because men and women are equal, and you should be a woman.

(The binary implications of gender denoted herein being duly noted, but I guess whatever gender you choose to be, a man or a woman as you see fit, or whatever third sex gender equivalent there is for that. I’m unaware.)