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ho militia

In today’s episode of “coolest thing I have done with my life in a long time,” I am happy to announce that I am working with Ho Militia to help train sex workers on gun handling, gun safety, and gun demystification.

This summer, there was an incident where a sex worker in West Virginia was able to defend herself against a serial killer masquerading as a client. She was able to take a hold of the gun and shoot and kill the serial killer. The serial killer had already killed about a half dozen sex workers, and by defending herself against the serial killer, the sex worker was able to stop him further killings.

It is in the spirit of that story, and in the spirit of self defense, knowledge and empowerment that we are offering the Ho Militia classes to sex workers. We live in a society that is crazed with violence, yet at the same time we shun sex workers, forcing them to operate outside of the law and without the protection and safety net that most of society is afforded. Because of this, sex workers are at a higher risk of violence from their clients. Because of this risk, it is important that sex workers familiarize themselves with guns. Guns are a weapon of both psychological and physical violence. Learning how to check if a gun is loaded, knowing how to properly handle a gun, and learning about the legal aspects of gun violence will help sex workers to adeptly handle themselves should they find themselves in a situation where they are threatened with gun violence. Feeling comfortable picking up a gun and knowing what it feels like to pull the trigger helps to demystify guns so rather than being blanketed in fear, we can better assess how to handle the situation in order to maximize our safety.

The first class will be this Saturday. Partnering with Red Light Legal, we will cover legal aspects of self defense and guns, demonstrate basic gun safety, and go to the shooting range to fire both a semi automatic pistol and a revolver. The cost of the class is affordable and covers the cost of going to the shooting range. If you are interested, visit HoMilitia.org. And help spread the word to help other sex workers learn gun safety, an essential aspect of self defense.