Group Dynamics


I had accidentally left my phone ringer on, which is why I woke up to a phone call at 7:52 am on a Sunday morning, followed by the above text. I was still feeling bemused and slightly sleepy as I ogled the laconic text which, I must admit, intrigued me. It was coming from a guy that I thoroughly enjoy fucking, and knowing him, he probably still thought it was Saturday night.

Hmmmm I replied. Mostly because I’m a freak, but also because, well, why not? Why not start the day with a bang? Even if he is coked up and oozing Hennessy out of pores, and I’m completely sober. That could be an interesting experience.

I can bring ***** Those few stars filling in for the letters of some girl’s name, she being a tertiary party in my sexual relationship, but also best friend and occasional sexual partner of the guy I fuck. Now, I have to admit, being the freak that I am, that it had always crossed my mind. I had always thought about fucking her, mostly because I knew that she had fucked him, and I fuck him, and, well, doesn’t it make sense, because, y’know, I’m hot, and she’s hot, and he’s hot, and we all love fucking, so if you take all that and sprinkle a little bit of cocaine on top and then douse it with Hennessy:


I ran to the bathroom to freshen up and make myself some coffee before disrobing appropriately and draping myself across my bed in my bra and my panties and my sleepy morning eyes while I waited for them to come over. I was excited, mostly because this is the kind of thing that dreams are made of. This is the kind of thing that I wish every lover I had would be down for, but even after twenty seven years of fuckery on this planet, it seems that the mystical three way is still so elusive for so many people. Me? I’ve done it before, clunkily so at times, but definitely never at 8am, and also never while totally sober. Three ways seem to occupy the realm of ‘totally drunk and fucked up on drugs’ sexual acts, but not today.

They stumbled in my room moments later, flushed and rowdy in the bright morning light. They were still fucked up on blow and booze, passing a bottle of Hennessy among us, but I was bright eyed and bushy tailed as they perched on the edge of my bed. I had fucked him many times before, in a state similar to this, but she was a new element to the fuckery. As he cozied up along side me, as I was all clad in my panties and my panting expectation. We chatted, much like people chat, to break through the initial moments of awkwardness and sexual initiation.

“She’s nervous,” he said to me, his arms wrapped around me, me around him, and her on the edge of the bed.

“Come here,” he said to her, disentangling himself from me and yanking her pants down. She looked nervous as her clothes came off, but she gave no resistance while I watched him disrobe her. None of us were chatting nervously as different layers hit the floor, and then suddenly she was naked, next to me, in the bed. So I did the only thing that came to my mind at the moment. I reached over. I touched her. Lightly on the arm, and then folding into each other with kissing while he watched.

The beginning was sweet and simple just like that, but everything was so fast as he went down between our knees alternatively while we kissed. It was a juggling of positions and the addition of my hitachi wand that made everything wonderful, with her on top of me while I nuzzled her tits and he licked my pussy and she used the wand. She loved using my wand, and I could tell because it was only a few minutes before she started cumming like crazy, still stradling me, with him on my pussy, and her writhing on top. It was wonderful to lie there, myself likewise careening through ecstasy as she crammed the wand even more intensely onto her clit.

We were merely minutes into what was going to be hours of fucking as he lifted her off me and started fucking us alternatively as she continued to thrust into the vibrator. Cycling through a variety of positions, settling into her eating me out while he fucked her from behind, all of us throbbing in mutually induced pleasure. Her eating me out, moaning into my crotch, and using the vibrator while he fucked her, coming again and again. Him fucking me with the vibrator on my clit, making me come like crazy while she watched. Him fucking me while she fingered my ass and sucked my toes. Him fucking her while I use the vibrator and cum. Him on top of her, fucking her, wrapping his fingers around her throat, turning to me and saying, “Wanna watch her go crazy?” as he tightens his grip and she starts to squeal, “No, no!” Him fucking me while she was sitting on the edge of the bed, doing her hair again like nothing was happening. All of us lying there, kissing and cuddling, the chaos of sex subsiding into the past.

The aftermath of fuckery was dizzying, filled with the heaving sighs of satisfaction and the as yet unabated pursuit of pleasure. I’d seen her cum at least four times already, and he was covered in sweat, as we lay on either side of him, still tangled up and sticky. Still petting. Still purring. I had forgotten for a moment how fucked up they still were, until one of them reached for that ever present bottle of Hennessy.

She turned to me and asked, “So?” I knew what that question meant, as ten o’clock started creeping into my bedroom. “You had fun with me?” she continued.

I laughed. The two of them were silly and still voracious. “Yeah,” I replied.

“Dude, chill out!” he snapped at her.

“Ah, what, I just wanted to know if she liked sleeping with me!” she retorted. They were beginning to put themselves back together, bickering with each other as they pulled on various garments and reassembled themselves for the rest of the day.

“She doesn’t even sleep with women. She’s not bi like you, she’s just a freak,” he said.

“Yeah, that’s true, but you were still better than the last chick I had a threesome with. That bitch was straight joyless and unfun.” I said. Ego validation is cheap, and the cost of seeing them fighting in scenario like this wasn’t something I was interested in so early in the morning.

“Aw, thank you!” she cooed at me, beaming somehow even after all of this. His response to that, of course, was to push me back on the bed and start kissing me. I was still fully naked, watching them get dressed in the mid morning light.

“Aw, you guys, I’m gonna get jealous,” she whined after a few moments. He grimaced, and I laughed.

“It’s okay, baby girl, I’ll kick him out and it can be just you and me if you want,” I said as he got up.

“Hey, can you give us a ride back?” he asked, ignoring my clever quip.

“Oh, you guys don’t want to walk the five blocks back to your house?”

“Hell no.”

“Fine,” I said, pulling myself up and into some clothes, the smell of her pussy still all over my face and hands. We hopped in my car, and I drove them and their half empty bottle of Hennessy five blocks over to their house, where they did god knows what for the rest of the day. Me? I went home, showered off, and went to my friend’s house for breakfast, where I grinned gleefully and recounted the sordid details of having been woken up at 8 am by two people who wanted to come over to my house and fuck me. Sundays don’t really get any better than that.