Gangsta Boo Part III

There’s a killer inside me, and it’s him. He looks me in my eyes while he’s fucking me, and I can tell that he loves me, but I can’t tell if his love is worth anything. Or if his love is absolutely worthless, or if his love is slowly killing me. But I let him love me anyways, because I can’t imagine anything that could ever feel better than this, with him wrapped around me. He is close to me, for right now, and I am feeling so much all at once as he kisses me gently and then fucks me so roughly. He’s making me dick crazy, which I guess is the point. So I look at him coyly and lick my lips as he slips his dick out and cums on my tits. And I hold him, and all the pain in his heart, and all those bad memories, and all those bad deeds. I hold all of him, all of his demons, and also all the things that are the best things in him. Him, 100%. All him. It’s all for him. And I am crumbling just a little bit because the weight of his demons are crushing me, but I cannot let him know.