What Evil Lurks In The Hearts Of Women

I’ve been sitting here with a smile on my face, thinking about you. I was thinking about how beautiful you would look if you were drowning. And me, with my eyes staring directly into yours. You would be pretty, wouldn’t you, as you screamed for help. Me? I would smile and walk away.

I take that thought and I tuck it into the back of my brain as I get up and go about my day. My hair looks nice and my nails are trim. This outfit is becoming on me, and I am becoming a monster as let small plots unravel in my mind about you. And your demise.

I am going to rule this city one day. I know it, and you know it, too. It’s an unstoppable truth. And when I am sitting on my throne in the middle of city hall, these thoughts will no longer be thoughts. They will be decrees.

The evil in my heart will be incarnate. And we will call it feminism.