Does My Sexuality Intimidate You?

“Polyamorous relationships are a lie. It’s just a way for dudes to fuck as many girls as they want, but have you ever seen a girl fuck hella dudes, too? Dudes can’t handle that. They freak out. Polyamorous relationships are something that dudes do so they can fuck hella girls.” ~Billy

I totally feel that. Being into polyamory is one of those first world luxuries that people get to discuss on day time talk shows while white housewives sit in shock and eat chocolates. As a woman who has had multiple partners concurrently, but has also flirted with monogamy from time to time, I’m totally aware of this contradiction. 

Just fucking people and throwing them away is also something that men do not like women to do. Men really, really hate feeling like they’ve been used as a mere means for sexual pleasure. Having been on both ends of that spectrum – both the user of other people and used by other people –  it’s honestly not as horrific as people might make it out to be. People can act entitled to their emotions and their need for ego validation via sex, but, honestly, if you’re walking around this city acting like other people are expected to give a fuck about you, then you’re going to come up short on almost everything.

Conversely, sometimes we love the people we fuck. Sometimes we become emotionally invested. Sometimes we text a lot. Sometimes we lie in bed alone at night and secretly have unfeminist, unindependent, unsingle-strong woman fantasies that involve things like clean houses up in the hills, wedding dresses and children. Although those fantasies might be relegated solely to the realm of fantasies, loving other people is no joke. It is not to be taken lightly, and, if it is not reciprocated, we will revert back to ^see above.