I just want to let you know:


Although I’m aware you read this blog, hoping to find things that might possibly be about you, but, let me assure you: NOT ABOUT YOU. I mean, sure, sometimes I write things that might be in reference to you, or inspired by you, and maybe sometimes I’ll quote some of the funny things you say. But if it’s directly about you, or if I’m quoting you, you will know and I will name your name. So don’t fret – if it’s about you, everyone else will know, too. 

That being said, if you have any questions about whether or not something is about you, please, just ask. I will answer you promptly and honestly. But, again, to repeat: THIS BLOG IS NOT ABOUT YOU.

On the other hand, I want to make it completely known: this blog is all about ME. ME. ME. And sometimes me and you. And how much I like fucking you. And how much shit I talk on you. And how much I kinda don’t like fucking you. And all the dumb shit you say. And how much I really, really want to punch you in the face the next time I see you. And how fat you’ve gotten recently. And how crazy you make me, at times. So, yeah, keep reading, something about you is bound to pop up in the near future.