Dear Fuck Feast: Why Do Men Date Much Younger Women?

Ah, yes. You want to know why your exboyfriend left you for a younger woman. That’s a good question. And there’s a good answer for it, too, and that answer is: me. That’s right, I’m the reason why men prefer much younger women. No, not necessarily me specifically, although sometimes it’s me specifically. And I’m not saying “me” because I am that much younger woman. I’m saying “me” because I’m talking about women like me. Twenty three years or older, self confident, self assured, financially independent women like me. 

Although – no, wait a minute. Let me back up here. Let me be clear. The reason that men like younger women are one of three reasons: sloth, insecurity and emasculation. It’s pretty easy to see where I’m coming from with this one. It’s much easier to date a younger woman because it takes less emotional investment, less time. It’s easy to be lazy with a younger woman because she’s unaware of which of her needs aren’t being fully fulfilled, and it’s easy to control someone who is absolutely naive. The level of mind fuckery that goes into mind controlling a younger woman is considerably less, no matter how mature she is. Which also goes back to insecurity; if a man is insecure about his ability to manipulate a woman, he’ll go for the easy prey. If a man is insecure about his sexual performance, his social standing, his financial status, it’s easier to find reassurance from a woman whose station in life and experiences are lesser than his and therefore do not challenge him. 

And, ultimately, emasculation. Which goes back to me. And the women like me. The independent, progress minded, financially stable women whose mere presence in the world challenges a man’s sense of his own masculinity. Encountering a strong woman can be a terrible ordeal for many men, and upon interacting with a female peer who can hold her own, many men shrink from the idea of a woman who aspires to anything in life other than marriage and motherhood. (Even if marriage and motherhood aren’t things that the man wants to give to the woman, it’s a lot easier to feign interest in marriage and motherhood than social responsibility and ambition.) While some men can maintain friendships with strong women, by being exposed to their lives, their needs, and their courage, men find that they cannot be challenged to live that kind of life with a motivated woman. It’s a sad thing, really, and a cowardly excuse for pursuing much younger women. 

Of course, let’s be honest, while we can justify his desire to fuck that 18 year old on a deeply wounded psychological level, there’s also that certain special something about an 18 year old that 27 will never have: a fresh, tight pussy that hasn’t been cummed in by every dude around town already. They’re so pretty, too, and while that might be intimidating for all of us “older” women, don’t forget: we all had our day in the 18 year old sun, and now that we’re a few years older, we have new weapons in our arsenal that we can wield in sexual warfare. Don’t fret, baby girl, you’re smarter now, too.