Confronting Patriarchy in Day to Day Life

I live my life in a world that is so insulated from actual reality that sometimes I forget that there are misogynistic, sexist, piggish assholes out there. My friends, and especially my male friends, are incredibly supportive of my feminist perspective, and we’re always able to engage in intelligent discourse regarding the gender binary and popular opinions towards women. So, when I exit my cushy little life bubble and enter the real world, encountering attitudes that are intended to keep women down – it’s just shocking to me. So much so that sometimes I don’t even know how to react because the stultifying ignorance with which these people act is – well, to be redundant, it’s shocking. So, I have to ask myself, when I encounter sexist attitudes in the real world, should I a) try to engage in an intelligent discourse about the ridiculousness of said sexist attitudes or b) subvert those sexists by being smarter, faster and prettier than they are? It’s such a thrilling decision, because I’m well aware that if I make my disapproval of their sexist attitudes known, the likely response is defensiveness rather than healing discourse. And with that defensiveness comes even greater punishment for me, just because I’m a woman and I’m not ashamed of it. However, if I go with the b option, then I have the advantage of blindsiding said sexist pigs, and the retribution of the humiliation that goes hand in hand with that is just…it’s so fucking satisfying. And while I’m aware that being a sneaky, manipulative little bitch doesn’t really do a whole lot to further the feminist cause in the long run, I have to admit that it’s way more satisfying than the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. route of trying to be diplomatic. I guess that there are many ways that feminism can wage the war on sexism. I’ve just chosen to go the whole “napalm villages full of little children” route when it comes to decimating patriarchy. I’m going to leave the holding hands and asking how people “feel” about current cultural changes to the feminists with college degrees. I’m from Oakland. That’s just how we do it here.