Around 1AM on 4/29, Eli Reyes and three other cyclists were cut off in downtown Oakland by a driver. He then grabbed Eli through the open window and dragged her before dropping her. When she fell, the truck ran over her legs, breaking her femur and leaving her covered in deep cuts and bruises.

While Eli is in a rehab center and recovering, this event has been incredibly traumatic for her. The emotional work of healing from such a act of extreme violence will take time, space, lots of love and depend on her being able to reduce the stress as much as possible. 

One of the biggest additional stressors for her right now is financial. Our $15,000 goal is just an estimate and may only scratch the surface of the medical costs. Reaching it, however, would help take off the immediate pressure created by her inability to work for the foreseeable future.

Some of the costs Eli and Ivan are looking at:

– Lost wages from Eli, the primary earner, being unable to work
– All medical expenses that fall beyond the coverage of their insurance (Likely greater than $15,000)
– Cost of moving Eli into an accessible home/increased rent from Eli and Ivan having to live in separate places (~$2,000 ?/monthly)
– Lost income from MOCO, which has remained closed as Eli and Ivan deal with the aftermath of the attack
– Mounting MOCO rent debts (which Eli had been on the verge of paying off)
– Lost savings for their upcoming move to South America

Most of you probably know how much Eli and Ivan have given to Oakland, to their community and to other young, socially/politically-committed artists both locally and internationally. In their time at MOCO, they have made it available to pretty much anyone with an exciting idea who needed a place to put it into action. They have hosted printmakers from San Diego, up-and-coming noise bands who can’t easily find venues, gender- and history-bending performance artists, bilingual MCs, fierce spoken word poets, visual documentarians of Oakland urban culture, sex toy sculptors and more. Their space has prioritized international and intercultural dialogues and has also given a new generation of Latin@ artists, female and male, queer and straight a place to exhibit and experiment with work that mainstream galleries don’t get.

MOCO has also been dedicated to community building and arts education, hosting free or small donation-based drawing workshops (knitting, crocheting, sewing, drawing, book-binding, creative writing or anything people want to share). 

What a lot of people don’t know about MOCO is that in addition to blood, sweat and tears (and cheap wine. and cheap-and-delicious snacks.) that Eli and Ivan have invested, there has also been a heck of a lot of cold hard CA$HMONEY, much of which Eli has been working her butt off to earn at her (non-walker accessible) day job.

Please consider giving to this fundraiser both to support Eli with the hardest phase of her recovery and also as a way of giving back in two wonderful human beings who have been working so hard for the last year (to the day!) investing in us, their community and their city.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

– Friends of Eli Reyes

P.S. For those generously offering to share therapeutic, holistic healing, bodywork skills or needed supplies (like comfortable clothing, healthy, fresh food, etc.), you can email Eli at: