Casting Call

I have written his character out of this week’s episode of All About Me, my ensemble dramedy that stars yours truly as the center of the universe with a supporting cast of everyone that I interact with on a daily basis. He, however, will not be making a guest appearance on tonight’s broadcast, although his name will appear in the credits with an honorable mention because despite the fact that we will not see his face, and he doesn’t have a speaking part this time around, we will still be talking about his character at length and behind his back. He might not be in this week’s episode, but that doesn’t mean his character and everything that happened in last week’s episode doesn’t have an impact on what’s going to happen next. In fact, if anything, the absence of his character will probably dictate the narrative of the story for at least two or three more episodes.

That being said, the role of “romantic lead #1” is currently unfulfilled, and the director will be conducting interviews and doing live reads with anyone who is interested in the part. While it should be noted that the rest of this dramedy hasn’t been written out yet, all interested actors should note that there is a minimum commitment of three episodes. Anything after that is fair game, however, and your character might get killed off immediately after those three episodes, or, who knows, you could have a starring role in this dramedy until you die. You can’t really tell with these things. For an audition, please message me on Tinder or buy me a drink at the bar so we can start going over your resume.