Borrowed Nostalgia

The stories swirl in and out of my mind from day to day, but it’s the stolen moments and the in betweens that always seem to stick out. Quick glimpses of split seconds and the alchemical interactions of humans with each other and the emotions they produce. It’s the interesting conversations that seem to matter the most, and not the minutes spent pondering the things that were said mere seconds ago. I live for those moments, and I would like crystallize them in my memory forever. Driving down the street with the radio blasting on a sunny day, quipping quickly about life while lean back in the passenger seat. The things we have said and the things we have done – they pass through us, at all points in time, but I am here. I am still here, with my pen and my paper, and I will make memories of our beautiful time together for other people to cherish, so that they can miss the things that they never experienced, but that we did.