Bicycles Riding Bicycles

This sleeping around thing becomes redundant once you go full circle, but when you find yourself doing multiple laps around the dating pool you might want to consider that, as it gets smaller, you might actually be entering a downward spiral. You know, if you think about geometrically. And, seeing as I entertain myself by keeping tabs on the Oakland gutteratti who’s-sleeping-with-whom, I have to admit that leaning back on the sidelines and watching the bicycle race is pretty entertaining. It’s not like there’s only one village bicycle in Oakland. Hah! Let’s be honest with ourselves here – there are more village bicycles than happy couples out there, and the bicycles are just circling around each other like flies waiting for new a piece of fetid meat to pull up. And while, yes, I’m aware that it’s a fairly gruesome metaphor, I would actually like to state that, hey, it’s not that bad. Being a village bicycle has its privilege, especially if you like to get good mileage and explore around town a bit. What’s the point of being shiny and well kept in some garage when you can play with the big kids and get real dirty. We all play with each other, and I have to admit that I’m having a lot of fun.