Bat For Lashes – Guest Post by Anon

I am pretty, but not brave. Beautiful, I have been told, just not by you.

And you are perfect. You are what I have wanted for so long. And I suspect you want me, too, but you treat me with delicacy. And I am delicate, and it is too soon. But at the same time, I am strong and ready. I promise.

You have enough confidence to pull me close one night, after dark, and after drinks, and after a long conversation about art and death. Gently, you hold my waist and brush your lips against mine. This is your best Prince Charming kiss. You are determined not to break me.

And I am determined to be broken. This gentle exterior is like dead skin on a snake, and I long to slither out. So I pull you close and press harder on your lips so that I may drink from you. And then a little bit harder in order to throw you off balance. You need this, trust me.

One hand on the back of your neck, the other finds the skin underneath your jacket, underneath your sweater, underneath your shirt. The cold night has made my fingertips icy as they slither along your back. I want to give you goosebumps, I want to steal your breath, I will dig in my claws if I have to. And I have to, so I do, and you gasp and pull away, but only slightly.

Only enough to whisper in my ear, “You are beautiful.”

I think I am supposed to blush, to sigh. Instead, your words reverberate in my sex, and I feel my crotch become a little slicker. I answer you by placing my lips on your neck and sucking.

You push me away and pull me in the direction of your apartment. You are hurrying, you are recalculating. I am not what you expected. I hope you were fantasizing about me all this time we’ve known each other. And I hope you are ready to say goodbye to your make-believe version of me. She is not me. I am better.

You unlock your front door and let me in. Ladies first, you are thinking. And then you close the door, and that’s when I strike.

By now my eagerness should not surprise you, but still it does. I pin you against the door, your keys still in your hand. I give you the same kisses I gave you when we were outside, only now I am using my serpent’s tongue and fangs. Still I am doing my best to restrain myself. I wouldn’t hurt you unless you wanted me to, but if you wanted me to, I would give you all the hurt you needed.

I want the place where your neck meets you shoulders. I want the ridges of your deltoids, your biceps. I want your bare arms wrapped around my bare torso. So I undress you between hard kisses, removing layer after layer.

You dressed for the cold, I dressed for the heat. A miniskirt and boots and bare legs in fifty degree weather all because there is no better feeling in the world than your hand up my skirt.

Find my thigh. Find my ass. Find the lace of my underwear and yank. Find my cunt and gasp when you feel how smooth and slick it is. I keep it bare for me, but it is wet for you.

(To be continued…)