Aspiring to Good GIrl-ism and Failing Pretty Badly

I have eaten from the tree of knowledge, and now I know what sin is. In fact, I’m such an expert on sin that I started a blog all about it. Sinning is an act that I’ve honed with artistry and expertise, and one might say that I am one of the most accomplished sinners in town. This is something that, at times, I am proud of, but the fact of the matter is, what with all this knowledge of sin, I have banished from the land of Ignorance is Bliss. 

I have learned how to be sexually dissatisfied with my partners, and I have learned how to remedy that dissatisfaction by fucking other people. Without the knowledge of sexual pleasure, I could be satisfied within my relationships, unburdened by the expectation of reciprocation and orgasm. Without that knowledge, I would not stray or seek better options. I would sit in my contentment and in ignorance I would not know that something better awaits me out there. 

But maybe ignorance isn’t bliss, because look at all the rampant unhappiness that plagues the land of the tethered woman, married or dating, Look at divorces and the plain gray palate of the woman who has never had an orgasm. Look at the anger and the dissatisfaction, Look at the way they look at me, the idea incarnate of a woman who doesn’t settle for sexual partners who aren’t completely reliable in the bedroom. 

I don’t regret anything I’ve done because regret is a waste of time.