Art Murder

In lieu of the fact that I’m sure many of my peers will be giving a fuck about the New York Times article on the Oakland Art Murmur, god damn it, Jean Quan, you are so fucking dumb:

When this first started it was mostly white and maybe some Asian hipsters. And now, walking down the street, I’ve seen everybody from wealthy developers to my favorite homeless guy to new Chinese immigrants and African-Americans from East Oakland.

First off, I distinctly remember hanging out with Miguel at the first Art Murmur. There were about 30 people there, making the Mexican-Filipino demographic at the inaugural Art Murmur at about 7% of the attendance. Secondly, your favorite homeless guy? Bitch, please. 

Thirdly, oh my god, do people still give a fuck about Art Murmur? As someone who directly profits from First Fridays, let me tell you, this is the closest I’ve ever come to feeling like I work at Disneyland. Yes, Art Murmur is awesome for the local businesses, but, on a social level, I just can’t really fuck with it anymore. I stopped being able to fuck with it 2&1/2 years ago, and, honestly, if you fuck with it, well, I don’t know man. First Friday is an awesome way for the locals to siphon money from out of towner tourists, but the plastic patina that has been smeared all over Up & Down Town makes me feel like a stranger in my own home. The San Francisco-ization of Oakland is sad, and it makes we wonder how long before Fruitvale becomes the new Mission District. 

I always wonder why there aren’t more robberies at First Friday. It seems like the perfect place to rob our visitors from Walnut Creek.