Another Tirade On My Feminist Entitlement When It Comes To Receiving Oral Sex

“Lick it.”


I’m in the middle of fucking some dude, which is pretty fun, when all of a sudden I feel like: WHAT THE HELL. Anyone who knows me knows how I feel about cunnilingus and specifically what an expert I am at receiving it. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures. I am a firm believer that cunnilingus is a day one, entry level, incredibly basic aspect of any sexual experience. Sex without at least five minutes of clitoral-oral stimulation doesn’t even really feel like sex at all to me (that’s a lie, but – you know what I’m saying), which is why I asked for specifically.

And he said no.

GOD DAMN IT. It’s at this point in the sex that I try not to let my crestfalleness become overly apparent, mostly because, ugh, well, I’m already having sex, so I might as well finish the task at hand despite the fact that being told that I’m not going to get my pussy licked is one of the unsexiest things that could possibly happen during sex. My emotions at this point are tantamount to what a child feels when Christmas gets cancelled. I mean, maybe this is just what I get for being such a consent-happy person who likes asking for permission for things, and maybe if I had just done the good old head push move (ladies, you know the one; it’s the one that dudes always pull when they want blow jobs. The hands on your shoulders and pushing your face into his crotch. It’s not super classy, but it works.) then maybe I’d be getting different results right now. But I’m not, and instead I’m having a moment of lying there and thinking, “Should I leave? Right now?” But I don’t leave, because despite the fact that the sex I’m having right now is incredibly less awesome than it was right before I got sexually rejected (in the middle of sex! ugh.) it’s still sex, and I still like sex, so might as well see this out.

I wait for things to wrap up, and of course I don’t cum because I’m coping with my emotions of depression and rejection instead of focusing on cumming. There’s just something so unsexy about people with unreasonable boundaries who aren’t creative in bed. I feel awful when it’s over, because I know that this guy clearly doesn’t give a shit about me as a person (it’s mutual), because if he did he would know that cunnilingus is on my list of sexual demands. If he gave a shit about me, he’d want to see me happy. And oral sex makes me very, very happy. I’m definitely never going to fuck this guy again, because what kind of narrow minded asshole is willing to stick his dick in my pussy but can’t spend five to ten minutes bringing me the joy and happiness of an oral orgasm? Is it because my pussy is disgusting and he doesn’t want to taste it? If that’s the case, then why put your dick in my pussy? So hypocritical. Or maybe he’s one of those people that saves certain sexual acts for relationships, which I kind of understand because I save anal sex and belt choking for the third date, but head? Head is such a day one thing to be into. I guess what I’m saying is: if giving a girl oral sex is your definition of getting freaky in bed, oh, boy, you are not going to be ready for the weird shit that I’m into sexually. Go back to the basic bitches where you belong. I’m on theĀ “trying to have four orgasms during oral sex just to warm up before we start doing the fun stuff” level of sexuality. If you can’t get with that, then you can’t get with me.