And Now, in Local Graffiti Art Gallery News…

There was an art show at Ear Peace Records on Friday. They sell spray cans and show graffiti art there, but, apparently, someone tagged the outside of their gallery, and what ensued was a tirade of homophobic name calling, pro-snitching comments and anti-graffiti conversation. Sure, this kind of name calling and pettiness might be commonplace on the street level of graffiti culture, but allowing this type of behavior on a professional level in a gallery unnecessarily lumps artists who disavow this kind of behavior in with the former category, and as an extension of that, why would art enthusiasts throw money at artists who are associated with a gallery that condones language that threatens to kill gay people?

Suffice it to say, there was a really long winded, overbearing, politically incorrect, socially aggravating conversation that followed these comments, but I think it’s very telling that within this original comment thread, own of the owners of Ear Peace Records came out as someone who supports snitching! Come on! Are you serious? We all know how snitches are treated in the graffiti community (and beyond), so I’m sure that will take care of itself.

Yes, you’re right…she literally said, “I support snitching,” which, in any context, is a bitch ass thing to say. 

In the Bay Area, I think it’s important that we hold local art galleries to the same standards as other local institutions. Homophobia and fomenting paranoia within the scene should not be accepted. Artists and art enthusiasts alike should stand together to eradicate this kind of behavior. 

There’s a lot of noise surrounding this conversation, and unfortunately a lot of people said a lot of dumb things. If you want to check out the long form conversation, you can read it here on Miguel’s Facebook. The lengths that they go to in order to defend their behavior is pretty hilarious. After they refuse to apologize for using a gay slur (and no, when they said it, they weren’t referring to the “bundle of sticks” definition), they claim that calling someone “homophobic” is just as offensive as using slurs. SMH!!!

So, basically this is some really ridiculous bullshit, so let’s not tolerate this kind of behavior from a professional institution that represents local artists who are aligned with gay rights. 

Boycott Ear Peace Records, because they’re probably not going to issue a public apology. 

Also I think it’s disgraceful that this conversation is being held in the Bay Area in 2013. I thought we were better than this. 

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