I understand that all cops are bastards, but I also feel that we’re doing a disservice to bastards by comparing them to cops. Come on, guys, it’s the modern era, and being born out of wedlock really isn’t that big of a deal. Having sex outside of wedlock is pretty chill (I know this mostly because I do it all the time), and so what if your parents were just fucking around and having a bit of fun when you were conceived. That’s not something our society should look down on, and when we say “all cops are bastards,” I think, ‘Hey, I know some really wonderful, intelligent, radical, socially conscious bastards and I would never, ever insult them by saying that the circumstances of their birth qualifies them as on par with the social scum of society: cops.’ I know plenty of bastards who contribute so much to society, so really calling a cop a bastard is almost a compliment at times. So, really, can we stop trash talking bastards and get back to the task at hand: FTP.