Another Food Metaphor For Your Commitment Issues

When I look into his eyes, I can see years into the future. But all we have is right now, so I will take what I can get. When I look in his eyes, I am trying to find out how disposable I am to him, which might sound bleak, but it is the question of the hour for disaffected millenials whose search for love comes in the form of efficiently careening faces over the screen on a phone in a bar in downtown. Modern technology has perfected the art of meeting strangers, but somehow we have failed to create an app that nurtures a relationship past the frills and flowers of a four month honeymoon phase, eventually collapsing in on itself and back into a cycle of sitting at the bar, scrolling through faces┬álike the angry arbitration of your personal sex and love committee. We live in a society that has perfected the art of hooking up, which is wonderful if you’re like me and you like hooking up. However, we don’t live in a society that has perfected the art of maintaining your happiness, ability to communicate and sexual satisfaction with another person over the course of years and years. Which is unfortunate, because there is a time and a place for both hooking up and long term maintenance, differently for different people, but still legitimate. It is easy to get caught up in the carousel of try every flavor once. It is hard to make a decision when they are putting out new flavors every week. So we wrap ourselves around the culture of trying new things rather than the culture of picking what you want and then paying for it. People like to ask, “Why go out for burgers when you can have steak at home?” Other people say, “Who wants to eat steak every night?” Getting dressed up and going out for burgers once a week can feel glamorous, especially when the flavor of steak is wearing thing year after year. So consider the alternative, but make a decision. Before the shop closes up and you leave empty handed but still sugar sick on every flavor of dick imaginable.