2017: The Unsexiest Year Ever

We live in incredibly unsexy times. And they seem to get unsexier and unsexier as the days go by. Which I find to be pretty frustrating.

As a vocally sex positive writer, seeing the rape revelations surrounding many powerful men has soured my mood beyond just my perception of sex. Every day, I read about how another woman was raped and intimidated and left to rot. As someone who has been in that situation, the constant reminders are sickening.

Of course, as a sex blogger, it’s hard to write about sex when rape is on the brain, the news feed, and the social subconscious of everything we do.

So, I would just like to state, for the record: I am so mad at ruining sex. Again!

Ugh, it is so frustrating that men are not very good at sex and then they rape people. Sex is so fun, yet they have found a way to make it both boring and scary for so many people. Can you not??

As someone who talked about female sexuality as a move towards empowerment, I feel like men have sullied yet another one of my favorite things. It’s hard to touch other people when you think about how touching other people can often times be a cause of fear, panic and pain.

I have no solution for this. I don’t even want to talk about sex right now because it just feels…yucky. Not the “so many bodily fluids all over the place, this is messy!” kind of yucky, but the “horrible, terrible, life scarring emotional trauma” kind of yucky.

Ideally, I am hoping that with these revelations, power is taken away from men who do bad things and given to women who do good things. I am getting sick of the way that we look at each other – the glimmer of wistfulness and excitement has faded away, and something dark is lurking between us. Hopefully, over time, we relearn how to love each other and how to fuck with passion rather than panic.

When will all the enemies be gone?

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